Monday, May 9, 2011

Virgo Zodiac Personality-Basics

The Virgin

Earth Sign August 24 - September 23



Linguist, poet, mathematician, taste for literature, well read, scholarly, artistic, good memory, reasoning faculty, effeminate body, frank, lucid comprehension, learned in religious lore, reserved, wanting adulation.

Service, helping, self-effacing; perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency; practical, functional, interested in crafts and projects; true to self in a simple, unassuming manner; reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach, lacks confidence in the face of opposition; lives up to duties and responsibilities; interested in maintaining the body as a fit vehicle; diet, exercise, herbs, etc.; aware of conflicts with others, of the give and take required by life.

In General
Virgos are creative, delicate, and intelligent. You love to have everything in order, but are also patient. You are very observant, which can lead you to be judgmental. Some people may think that you are a cold person, because you rarely show your emotions. You also have a lot of charm and dignity, although you may not have many friends, due to your troubles with showing your feelings. Virgos are more followers than leaders. You are always logical.

Virgo Zodiac Sign General Statistics:

The Virgin
Lucky Numbers
3 & 5
Attractive Trait
Body Part Ruled
Small pets 
Ruling Planet
Nut Bearing
Key Phrase
I Analyze
Lucky Day

Virgo Basic

A Virgo profile clearly shows just how contradictory this astrological sign can be. On the one hand, people of this sign want to be of service and truly help others. On the other hand, few zodiac signs are as critical and demanding as Virgo.

Physical Features
 Some think that physically, individuals born under the sign of Virgo tend to have a graceful figure, a roundish head, delicately-shaped lips, large and clear eyes, small, symmetrical, and refined features, a high forehead, and thin eyebrows. Also, they are thought to usually be of slightly above average height.

Virgos show a nervous, analytical nature. They seem to worry over the smallest details. Positively, they constantly serve others as they attempt to keep everything pure, natural, clean and healthy. The off-set squinted eyes, the split at the end of the nose and the gap in the frontal teeth accentuate Virgo's mutable look. Also look for the "chipmunk cheek pouches" and the long twisted jaw.

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